Prada Candy

prada candy
To keep in line with this week’s other post about the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and because it was Valentine’s Day, why not review a perfume called Candy?! Prada Candy is sweet yet elegant perfume that is light enough to wear everyday.

Price: The price for the 1oz bottle is $70. Since that is a pretty steep price, here are some ways around that! You can get a free sample of this fragrance from any Sephora store. Also, Sephora comes out with fragrance sampler sets where you can try a variety of scents, pick the one you like best, and redeem the coupon it comes with for a full size of that perfume! Prada Candy is available right now in the Sephora Perfume Travel Sampler kit. This kit is $25 and includes 7 perfume samples and a coupon to redeem a rollerball perfume of any of the fragrances in the kit. If you were to buy a regular rollerball of Prada Candy, it would cost you $28 so thats one way to save some money on this scent.

prada candy perfume

Packaging: The packaging of this perfume is simple but sophisticated. The nozzle sprays a fine mist. The cap comes off and one side says “PRADA” and the other side says “CANDY”. I think that it looks really cute and the hot pink with gold and black really stands out on my vanity.

Key Notes: The Sephora website describes the notes of this perfume as white musks, benzoin, and caramel accord. I would say that caramel is the most prominent in this scent.

Lasting power: This perfume wears well throughout the day. It does not start to smell different. During the course of the day, it slowly fades. If you spray it on a coat or scarf, the scent still lingers for a while, but eventually goes away.

Comparable scents: To me, this smells like a more rich, sophisticated, and “grown up” version of Pink Sugar.

What I like about it: I received this perfume as a gift on Christmas, so whenever I smell it, I feel the warmth of the holidays and being with my family. I really enjoy that it is sweet and fun, but I don’t smell like pure sugar when wearing it.

When I wear it: I choose this perfume primarily in the day time to wear the whole day. I pick this over my other perfumes for when I feel like being cozy and warm. I also choose this scent when I want to be sweet.

Overall, I am really happy with this perfume. I find myself reaching for it a lot. Sometimes I feel like it is hard to finish a whole bottle of perfume, but I never feel like that with this one. I use it pretty consistently and really enjoy wearing it!

Have you tried Prada Candy? Share your thoughts below!


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