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makeup geek

Happy Friday beauty lovers! Okay, if you are a part of the online makeup community, especially on YouTube, you will already know a ton about this product. And if not, no worries! That’s what I am here for! This review is on Makeup Geek lip products! In December, Makeup Geek launched their first lip line which consisted of the Iconic Lipsticks (2 formulas-Butter Shines and Velvet Mattes), Plush Matte, and Plush Creme. So naturally, I picked up one of each formula to try out! On to the review!


Price: The Iconic Lipsticks cost $15, the Plush Matte cost $12, and the Plush Creme cost $14. Although I do not have them, Makeup Geek just recently launched their Foiled Lip Glosses, which cost $15. Makeup Geek aims for the best quality at the best price. They do not consider themselves a “drugstore” cost brand, but they are not going to overcharge for their products. I feel that all of their products are a really good value, and I especially don’t mind paying for products that are 100% made in the USA. However, keep in mind that Makeup Geek is only sold online, so you are going to have to pay shipping fees.

Cruelty Free/Vegan: Allย of their Iconic Lipsticks, Plush Matte, and Plush Creme lip products are both cruelty-free AND vegan!

“Good for you” ingredients: While these products are talc and paraben free as well as cruelty free and vegan, there are not any super ingredients that are going to do wonders for your lips.

Packaging:ย The packaging is really sleek and cool!


The Iconic Lipsticks are in what Makeup Geek refers to as “slimline” packaging. They also have a little color window at the bottom which is helpful if you don’t know all the names.

plush matte

plush matte

The Plush Matte lip products are in a smaller tube with a paddle type applicator. This applicator gets product on both sides so it is convenient when applying that you do not need to dip back into the tube. On both the Plush Matte and Plush Creme formulas, the wand is clear which I think looks pretty cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

plush creme

plush creme

The Plush Creme lip products are in a similar packaging to the Plush Mattes, except the tube is bigger. The applicator is still a paddle, but I feel like it gets less product on it. When I use it, I tend to have to dip it back in the tube to complete my application.

About the brand: Makeup Geek was actually started by a YouTuber named Marlena! She turned her love for education and makeup into a channel to educate about beauty. She then started her company with eyeshadows, comparable to MAC, but at a more affordable cost. She has branched out of just eyeshadows into blushes, contour powders, highlighters, eyeliners, lip products, and brushes. Something I also love about this company is they are made in the USA.


On to the best part! Swatches!

makeup geek

Shy Iconic Lipstick: This lipstick is in the Butter Shine formula. Makeup Geek describes Shy as “soft dusty rose with a shine finish.” This is my go to shade for lip products! I just love a good dusty rose mauve color. This one did not disappoint. I think it is my favorite out of all of them! This formula is also super comfortable and when used without a lip liner still lasted pretty well!


Lively Iconic Lipstick: Lively is a Velvet Matte finish. I was so excited to branch out of my comfort zone with this “plum with pink undertones and a velvet matte finish.” But……IT STAINED MY LIPS! There is nothing I hate more than removing my lipstick to be left with neon pink lips for 2 days! I was so sad! When wearing the color, it is so beautiful but I just really hate lip staining products. On a positive note, the formula is super comfortable for a matte finish. I think I would have like this better if I had gotten a lighter color.

soccer mom

Soccer Mom Plush Matte: Makeup Geek calls this Plush Matte “a medium pinky nude with a matte finish.” I would have to say that this leans more orange than pinky nude. It is a lot brighter than I expected. I wish it was a little bit more muted of a color. The difference between this formula and the Plush Creme is kind of hard to tell. This does not dry down as much as other matte liquid lipsticks, which is good because it isn’t uncomfortable or dry but it has a very similar consistency to the Plush Cremes that I am not sure what the difference is.


BFF Plush Creme: This Plush Creme isย described asย “warm medium pink with a creme finish.” That is a pretty accurate description. I like this one, but I would love it if it were just a little more of a pinky nude instead of just pink. The formula on this is nice. It is kind of like a lip mousse. It is not sticky like a gloss but it doesn’t dry completely matte like a matte liquid lipstick.

Well there you have it! To wrap it up, these are pretty good. Not my favorite Makeup Geek Product out there. Shy was my favorite and Lively was my least favorite (why did it have to stain my lips?!). BFF and Soccer Mom were just kind of in between. I liked them but I don’t think I will reach for them as much as my staple go-to’s in my collection.

Have you tried the Makeup Geek Lip Products? Which formulas or colors were your favorite (or least favorite)? I would love to know! Share your thoughts down below!


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