Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

marc jacobs beauty

I love mascara! If I was only ever allowed to have one type of makeup product for the rest of my life, it would probably be mascara. It just really opens up the eyes and gives a put together look. I wear mascara most out of any other beauty product and it is something that I am very picky and particular and selective about. I only wear what is the best and don’t waste my time with anything less

Alos, mascara has one of the quickest expiration dates of makeup because it comes in close contact with he eye and dries out quickly.


Price: This mascara sells for $26. I know, steep for a product that expires after 6 months. Whenever possible, I try to find the best drugstore mascaras because it pains me to shell out the money for mascaras. But, if its real that good, I don’t mind spending the extra cash.

Cruelty Free/Vegan: Marc Jacobs Beauty products are all cruelty free! However, not all the products are vegan as they contain ingredients like beeswax.

“Good for you” ingredients: There are no claims that this product has lash conditioning properties, but it does have the “Flash Volume Complex” which “creates instant, smudge-proof length and volume in three strokes or less.”


marc jacobs velvet noir

This mascara is packaged beautifully! It has a shiny black tube that is in a hexagon shape (which stops it from rolling off my desk!). The tube does get fingerprints easily on it, but that does not bother me.

About the brand: Marc Jacobs Beauty is a high-end beauty brand that offers luxurious products. They focus on high fashion and runway trends.


L’Oreal has a mascara called Voluminous Carbon Black. This is the closest drugstore comparison I could find. It gives similar volume to the Marc Jacobs mascara but the Marc Jacobs formula is a little more creamy while the L’Oreal has a drier formula. The Marc Jacobs also offers more length. I still really like the L’Oreal mascara, but if I had a choice between the two, I would probably go for the Marc Jacobs because it offers more benefits.


This mascara only comes in one color, Noir. This doesn’t bother me. I know that some people prefer a more natural look and opt for brown or brown-black mascara. But in my opinion, if I am going to wear mascara, I want it to be bold and dark.


Instead of a “wear test” of how it wore through the whole day, it is more of seeing how it held up at the end of the day and if it flaked off.

marc jacobs mascara

I applied the mascara at 9am. You can see how it really gives a lot of volume, length, and definition; the best 3 characteristics of any mascara!

mascara review

At 7pm, right before I took the mascara off, you can see that it did not flake underneath my eyes. It wore a little but still looks almost as good as when I first applied it!


 marc jacobs mascara

 I really like the wand on this mascara. It is a natural fiber wand (not plastic) and I feel like these always give such a great look. Also, mascaras with plastic wands sometimes bother my eyes. This mascara has a medium sized hour glass shaped wand. This makes it easy to reach the inner and outer lashes.

When I first got this mascara, it was good. After a few weeks of using it, it dried out a little but that made me like it way better! When I first used it, the formula was a little heavy on my lashes but like I said, once I used it a couple of times, the mascara was less clumpy and heavy and started to apply like a dream. Like stated above, I really only continue to use a mascara if I absolutely love it, and I guess you can say this mascara has moved up the ranks into my favorites!

Have any of you tried this mascara? How does it apply on your lashes? Share below!!


4 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

  1. I keep hearing people rave about this mascara and I think you just convinced me that I need to get it🙈☺️ I agree that there are so many great drugstore mascaras, but it’s so nice to get a high end one for a little treat! Especially if it’s an amazing mascara, the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill is a great one too!

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