Clinique Cheek Pop Blush


I will start this review by saying I am not a huge blush fan. As someone who has naturally rosy skin, I don’t really like to apply something that makes my face even more red looking. But, because I have been really into foundations lately, I need something to bring the color back to my face and liven it up. So let’s get into the review of a blush I have really been enjoying, the Clinique Cheek Pop in Heather Pop!


Price: This blush cost $23. Considering you do not need to use too much each time you apply it, the value is not too bad.

Cruelty Free/Vegan: Clinique is not cruelty free 😦 There is also not a lot information if their products are vegan.

“Good for you” ingredients: While they do not state there is anything that is good for your skin, they emphasize the fact that they are allergy and fragrance free, as well as dermatologist-tested.

Packaging: I mean come on. How cute is this?! It looks like a cute little daisy! The packaging is just so fun and for some reason reminds me of being little again!

clinique cheek pop

About the brand: Clinique is a brand that focuses on being “Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.” The have a large line of skincare as well as cosmetics. I typically do not purchase a lot of Clinique products but I was really excited to purchase this!


I think I have a perfect dupe for the color of this product. Colour Pop’s blush in Birthday Suit is super similar when on the cheeks. They both are a satin finish on the skin but do have a difference in formula. The Clinique Cheek Pop is a traditional powder blush but the Colour Pop blush is a cream to powder mousse like texture. Plus, the Colour Pop blush costs $6! That means you can get about 4 Colour Pop blushes for the price of one Clinique Cheek Pop!



Left to Right: Clinique Cheek Pop light swatch, Clinique heavy swatch, Colour Pop Blush regular swatch. You can see that the leftmost and rightmost swatches are pretty similar. This blush range has a total of 14 colors.


clinique cheek pop

9am- I applied this blush fresh at 9am this morning. It goes on very light at first, but I really like blushes like that. It can be easy to get carried away with a super pigmented blush! I like that it really takes a lot of effort if you want to build it up because I really like a more natural blush look.


5pm– I took my makeup off at 5pm this day. By the end of the day, the blush did wear down. This does not bother me too much because as you can tell by the picture, my cheeks are still rosy. It wore really well and did not get patchy or look cakey.



I like to apply this blush with a small natural bristle blush brush. My favorite brush to use is the Morphe M405. While this blush is listed as a contour brush, I like to use it for blush. When applying the blush, it is really buildable so it layers nicely as you go!

Overall, this is a super cute and lovely (I don’t say lovely a lot, but it just seems to fit!) blush! The finish is really natural on the skin, it goes on lightly and is buildable, and I really like this color. While there is a dupe, I am still happy that I got this blush and will continue to use it.

What is your favorite blush? Have you tried the Clinique Cheek Pops or the Colour Pop Blushes? Share your thoughts below!


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