Lancôme Grandiose Liner

lancome grandiose liquid eyeliner

I usually don’t give in to products that are marketed based off of their packaging, but this one is different! This is the Lancôme Grandiose Liner and its claim to fame is the the bendable wand. I know, it kinda sounds stupid and I kinda sound like a sucker for shelling out the cash just because of the handle, but hear me out. The FORMULA is AMAZING! That’s right! You don’t have to feel like a jerk for just buying it for the silly bendable handle (even though its probably why we all buy it 😉 ) On to the full review!


Price: $32. EEK! That’s a lot for a small pot of eyeliner. And before you all judge me, I must say this: I am horrible at liquid liner. Between the formula, bendy handle, and the felt tip, I have a really easy time applying this eyeliner. I would rather spend some extra cash to avoid the hassle of other eyeliners that I cannot seem to make work.

Cruelty Free/Vegan: Okay so it was a little sketchy looking for this info. According to PETA, Lancôme does test on animals. But when I was searching, I found some long winded PR statement from the brand that is them tiptoeing around the issue. As for vegan, its a product by product basis so make sure to check the labels!

“Good for you” ingredients: Its formulated with most of the stuff that is left out of makeup nowadays, like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. But, nothing that claims to be lash-growing or some other claims that come with eyeliners. Just “normal”!



The packaging is very beautiful! The handle is ombre and has a rose at the top which is cute. When you close it, there is a secure “Click” sound that just really reassures me! I don’t want my liquid eyeliner opening and getting everywhere! If you want more info on the wand, check out the Application section down below.

About the brand: Lancôme is a staple department store brand. When I think of it, I tend to imagine a more mature customer, but they have been adding some cool, new, and innovative products like this to rope more consumers in (and they got me!).


This eyeliner dries matte. I LOVE THAT! It applies glossy but after a few seconds it dries down completely. Matte is super trendy now with lips but I think it looks so sophisticated and classic with the liner! Also, it comes in three different colors. And while I am usually a brown eyeliner girl, but I really love this in the black shade (the one that I have).


When first applied.

matte liquid liner

A few seconds later after it dries down matte.


eyeliner wear test        lancome

9am- This is when the eyeliner was first applied in the morning. Supa fresh! Note for application: I put it on and put my mascara on right after I line the eye. If not, my eyelashes tend to get stuck together and makes it hard to do mascara once the eyeliner dries. Not cute.

lancome liquid eyeliner       liquid liner review

5pm- This is right before I took the eyeliner off.  There is not much change in the eyeliner. That is pretty significant because I cried today. Hey, college is hard! But this eyeliner stood the test! I feel that this eyeliner wears better and stays more matte when it is worn over eyeshadow. If I just apply to bare lids, it gets a little more oily, less matte, and wears down quicker. Also its kinda crazy when you take it off. It kinda flakes off in a few pieces instead of getting black makeup all over your face. Definite plus.


Here it is friends! Obviously, the catch to this product is the applicator. It bends to be able to create “the perfect cat eye.” At first, I gave in and thought this was gimmicky but it actually makes such a difference!! You can get super close to the lash line, having a lot of control over how thick or thin you want the line.

 lancome grandiose

You can get super close to the lash line, having a lot of control over how thick or thin you want the line.

liquid eyeliner

This is a felt tip applicator. It is not too firm or too floppy so it also is really helpful to get a crisp line but not feel like you are poking your eye out. The felt tip doesn’t load up too much product so its not gloopy or too runny when you apply.

There are my thoughts! Like I said, this is coming from someone who is horrible at doing liquid eyeliner, much less winged eyeliner! This product has enabled me to get a little more fancy and confident with my eyeliner skills! Love it!

What do you liner lovers think? Have you tried this? Leave your thoughts down below!!


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