Nars Velvet Lip Glide

nars velvet lip glide

You know when something doesn’t just fit into one category? Kinda like the spork (spoon fork comb0)? Well, this product is the spork of the beauty world. Creamy like a balm, goes on like a gloss, and pigmented like a lipstick. The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Glide is so hard to just place into one category and its unique texture and consistency is part of why I love it so much!


Price: $26 which is kinda in between high end lip gloss and lipstick prices.

Cruelty Free/Vegan: Although owned by Shiseido which is non cruelty-free, Nars itself is a cruelty-free brand. They have some products that contain lanolin, so they are not completely vegan. Be sure to check the ingredients for each product or contact their customer service.

“Good for you” ingredients: The Sephora website states, “Water lily flowers and white tea extract are infused into this hybrid lip glide for antioxidant protection and ultimate hydration.”

Packaging: Classic Nars packaging. Sleek with a rubberized handle. It is sturdy and looks very nice. Does get some finger prints on it (especially with foundation) but I don’t mind.

nars lip glide

About the brand: Nars is a high-end makeup brand that has a focus on artistry and creativity. It is a high-fashion brand that tends to be more daring and risqué (some of their shade names will make you blush!). “Play and try to be a little bit daring. Break the rules.” -François Nars (Founder & Creative Director of Nars Cosmetics)


nars stripped

This product comes in 12 colors. I have the lightest shade in the range which is Stripped. It is a beige pink nude.

nars swatches

Here is a swatch with no flash in natural light. The left swatch is one swipe of the wand and the one on the right is the product smoothed out.

nars velvet lip glide stripped 

Because this product does not claim to be long wearing, I did not put it through an all day wear test. The photo above is the product freshly applied. I have been wearing this product A LOT since I purchased it a few months ago. I would say it remains glossy looking for about an hour, but then the color stays on with a more matte finish. It is really comfortable and through a regular day, I might reapply it twice if I really want to keep it looking fresh. Most of the time, I will reapply after lunch and thats it.


nars velvet lip glide applicator

This applicator is a doe-foot but with more of a paddle shape. I like this because it gets a good amount of product on each side so you are able to get one application without having to dip back into the tube.

lip product applicator 

Here is a side view of the applicator so you can see it is flatter, like a paddle.

Honestly guys, I cannot stop wearing this. Between the comfortable formula, the color pay off, how the product wears throughout the day, and the actual shade which seems to be my perfect beige pink nude, I reach for this almost everyday. It requires nearly no effort. I grab for this as frequently as I would chapstick.

Have you guys given this a try? I would love to hear what shades you have (or want)! Share you thoughts below!


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