YSL Black Opium

ysl black opium

Time for another fragrance review! Today, its going to be YSL’s Black Opium perfume. I have had it a while so I know the scoop. Keep reading if you want to know my thoughts!

Price: The price for the 1oz bottle is $69. For some money saving tips for fragrances, see my Prada Candy review.

Packaging: I think this packaging is super cool! I love how it is a see through window. It is also really glittery, but its covered so you don’t get glitter everywhere which is an obvious plus.

Key Notes: The Sephora website says the notes are “Coffee Accord, Orange Blossom, Cedarwood Essence, Patchouli Essence.” The coffee is strong with this one! It is really floral as well. I am no expert at describing fragrances, but if I could explain this in one word, I would say intoxicating. When I am wearing it, I love how it smells and can’t stop sniffing it!

Lasting power: This perfume stays on like CRAZY. If you spray it on a shirt or scarf, it will stay on for a long time. I kind of love this because it leaves a lingering scent that always makes me smile when I smell it.

yves saint laurent black opium perfume

Comparable scents: YSL released a newer perfume called Mon Paris. It is like this ones little sister. Where Mon Paris is the sweet, feminine, and flirty girl, Black Opium is the rocker, sexy, passionate girl. It is darker, muskier, and sexier.

What I like about it: It is a super sophisticated and probably the sexiest perfume I have used. I know, I keep saying how sexy it is. But if you have it or if you have ever smelled it, you know what I mean. It just draws you in! I like how I can smell it throughout the day.

When I wear it: Night night night. This is a night scent! It seems too sexy to wear during the day. During the week, I prefer lighter and more fun scents, so I also tend to really only wear this during the weekends. Kinda an unwritten rule for me.

Love this perfume! It is probably my favorite one at the moment. It is really strong so I tend to associate lots of memories with it. Because it is warm and dark, it is really nice in the winter, but who cares?! I wear it all year around because I am addicted to this scent!

Have you tried YSL Black Opium? What is your favorite perfume? Share your thoughts below!


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