MAC Lipsticks


MAC lipsticks are a staple to any beauty lovers collection. Whether you have 1 or 100, there is just something about those little black tubes (or pink ;)) that are so beautiful, fun, and a treat to your day.

With 252 shades, you are bound to find at least one you love!

I have had other colors in the past, but this is my current collection.


Price: The price has been steadily rising, but now is at $17.

Cruelty Free/Vegan: Unfortunately not 😦

“Good for you” ingredients:Nothing super special or revolutionary. These are essentially your basic lipsticks!

Packaging: Classic! Black and silver and iconic! Simple twist up lipstick bullet. They also have the iconic MAC lipstick smell, like vanilla cupcakes 🙂


6 Classic lipsticks and 1 Viva Glam on the far right with the red writing.


4 Mini lipsticks from the Nutcracker Sweet Nude Lipstick Kit from Holiday 2016. That’s the reason for the cute pink and gold packaging! The colors from this kit are Creme Cup, Kinda Sexy, Nouvelle Rogue, and Whirl.

About the brand: MAC is known for their artistry. Their tagline is “All ages, all races, all sexes” so they are all about inclusivity. They also have a program called Viva Glam. The products in their range benefit the MAC Aids Fund. What is unique about this is that 100% of Viva Glam product proceeds go to the charity. Love it! There are some Viva Glam shades that are available all year round, but also some that celebrities partner up with that are limited edition collections. Another fun addition to the MAC lipstick line is this spring/summer, MAC has partnered up with 10 beauty bloggers around the world and they created their perfect lipstick shades to match their personality!


mac lipstick collection

Now onto what you have all been waiting for. SWATCHES! But, before we get to the pictures, let’s go over the 8 finishes of lipstick that MAC offers. All of the descriptions are from the MAC website.

Frost: Smooth medium buildable coverage formula with a high pearl semi-lustrous finish.

Matte: Creamy rich formula with high color pay off in a no shine matte finish.

Retro Matte: Intense color pay off in a long wearing formula with a completely matte finish.

Satin: Creamy texture breaks into a soft cushiony feel, medium to full buildable coverage, satin finish.

Lustre: Lightweight formula with easy glide, sheer to medium buildable coverage with a lustrous finish.

Amplified: Creamy formula with a smooth glide, bold color pay off with full coverage and a semi-lustrous finish.

Cremesheen: Creamy balmy formula with a comforting feel, medium buildable coverage, semi-glossy finish.

Glaze: Sheer coverage lightweight formula with a lot of glide on application and a light pearl shiny finish.


If you are a lipstick lover, you will recognize that these are all different shades. If not and you think these are all the same, be gone with you!

lipstick swatches

From Left to Right: Blankety(A), Creme Cup(CS), Faux(S), Brave(S), Kinda Sexy(M), Velvet Teddy(M), Pink Plaid(M), Nouvelle Rogue(M), Whirl(M), Diva(M), Viva Glam Ariana Grande(M)

mac blankety

Blankety- Amplified finish. This is my perfect nude. Peachy but enough pink to not look too orange on me.

mac creme cup

Creme Cup- Cremesheen finish. A cute light baby pink.

mac faux

Faux- Satin finish. First MAC lipstick I ever got! My perfect everyday go-to lipstick EVER.

mac brave

Brave- Satin finish. A warm nude with a slight golden glow.

mac kinda sexy

Kinda Sexy- Matte finish. This came in the holiday kit. It is not my favorite because I think it looks too orange on me.

mac velvet teddy

Velvet Teddy- Matte finish. This color is new so I haven’t had much experience with it but its nice. Its a darker nude on me.

mac pink plaid

Pink Plaid- Matte finish. I always forget I have this shade but when I wear it, I always think, “why don’t I wear this everyday?!” Super cute and fun pink.

mac nouvelle rogue

Nouvelle Rogue- Matte finish. This is a brighter but still neutral pink if that makes any sense! I like it for when I am feeling sassy.

mac whirl

Whirl- Matte finish. This was made after their famous lipliner of the same name. I don’t wear it too often, but when I do, I feel like a Spice Girl and I love that.

mac diva

Diva- Matte finish. Perfect red for my skin tone!

mac viva glam ariana grande

Viva Glam Ariana Grande- Matte finish. Suuuuper dark, reserved for days when I am feeling like a bad ass.


These lipsticks tend to wear different based on the formula. For example, a Cremesheen or Amplified lipstick will have a way shorter wear time than a Matte or Retro Matte.

These lipsticks are just classics in the beauty community. You cannot go wrong with any shade you pick up, and because there are so many shades, you have a lot of options and will def be able to find some you love. They are fun to collect and I feel like I can never get enough (clearly base on the fact that I have 11….)!

What are your favorite MAC lipstick shades or formulas? Let’s hear it below!


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