Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder


Everyone today seems to want to glow like a disco ball. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great glow, but for everyday occasions, I tend to keep my makeup looking fresh and pretty. So, a highlighter that makes me look like a shiny, sweaty, sequin of a person just won’t cut it. In walks this highlighter. The rest is history!


Price:$46 which makes me want to throw up a little. Buuuuut, there is a lot of product in this. I have had it for about a year and use it a lot and I am nowhere close to hitting pan on this.

Cruelty Free/Vegan: Hourglass is in fact cruelty free! They are not completely vegan, but have products in their line up that are! The Ambient Lighting Powder happens to be vegan so yay!

“Good for you” ingredients: Get ready for some technological terms. Hourglass states that this product is “Infused with the innovative Photoluminescent Technology, each finishing powder captures, diffuses, and softens the look of the skin. The micron-size, color-correcting particles refract light and create transparent coverage, filtering out harsh light and refining the appearance of the skin.” To me, this means you are gonna look flawless.

Packaging: Beautiful dark bronze-ish purple-ish packaging (I know, I am great with color descriptions). It has a mirror which I also really like!

About the brand: Hourglass is super fancy. When I bought this, it felt out of my league! They seem to focus on innovative products that capture light and make everyone look like luminous Victoria’s Secret models. Some words they use to describe themselves are “sleek” and “state of the art.”


Something to mention: Technically, this isn’t even a highlighter. It’s marketed as a “finishing powder.” Some shades (like the one I have) I can see being used all over the face as a finishing powder, but others seem like they would look too obvious.

diffused light

They offer 6 shades, each of which claim to offer a different look. For example, the shade I have, Diffused Light, is “a soft, warm, pale yellow powder that conceals redness and gives skin clarity—like a soft ray of morning light.”

hourglass diffused light


diffused light hourglass

In this photo, it is applied to the top of my cheek bones, center of my nose, cupid’s bow, and my eyebrow arches. I pretty much put it everywhere!

The thing I like most about these is that they are not crazy pigmented. Most people want super pigmented products all the time. When it comes to blush, bronzer, and highlighters, I would rather have a formula that goes on rather sheer and can be built up to a desired pigmentation. Face products that are too pigmented can go really wrong really quick.

These look great throughout the day. By the end of the night, it wears down pretty evenly with the rest of my makeup. But then again, its pretty natural so its hard too obviously see it when first applied.


Precision highlighter brush, large fan brush, paint brush? Any way works for me! I used to use this as a finishing powder but stopped and not sure why. I might bring that back. It kinda makes you look like an angel. That application of it should be reserved for days you want to look like a glowing goddess.

 hourglass ambient lighting powder

I cannot speak for all the other colors, but Diffused Light is awesome! You can apply it lighter or heavier depending on what you want. It doesn’t look like you are wearing highlighter, it looks like you are glowing from within and I can get on board with that!

What are your thoughts on this product? I would love to hear from you!


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