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benefit cosmetics brows

Here they are. They are in almost every blog and Instagram post but rarely mentioned. My brow products! I use two products from Benefit Cosmetic’s brow line; Gimme Brow Gel in the shade 1 and Goof Proof pencil in the shade 2. This is my fourth tube of Gimme Brow and I refuse to live without it. As for Goof Proof, I got this as apart of Benefit’s Brow launch last summer. I like to use it when I want even more defined brows. So Gimme Brow is everyday use no matter what and Goof Proof is like an every other day use kind of product. Just depends how much time I have to get ready in the morning (#reallife).


Price: Gimme Brow is $24 and Goof Proof Brow Pencil is also $24.

Cruelty Free/Vegan: Benefit Cosmetics is super vague on this subject (as are most brands) so I found some varying information. On their FAQ page, information can be found about their stance and statements about the topic.

“Good for you” ingredients: Benefit is a company that places more value on cute and practical than skincare or innovative products. Nothing to report here.

benefit brows

Packaging: With the launch of the new products, Benefit also repackaged the existing products in their brow product line. Their new thing is “Brow Magic” so that is the branding and theme behind the packaging. I think its really cute but I would have continued to purchase Gimme Brow even in the old packaging.

About the brand: Super cute and girly. Kinda vintage. They are all about beauty fixes to common problems. They relaunched their brow collection last summer with a huge celebration with tons of beauty bloggers. Here is a cool blog post about the event last year in Las Vegas!


The Gimme Brow gel comes in 3 colors (shades 1, 3, and 5) because it is not opaque. The Goof Proof pencil comes in 6 colors (shades 1-6) and these have varying undertones as well. I like how the colors are organized. The gel colors are light, medium and deep. For the pencil, shades 1 and 2 are light, 3 and 4 are medium, and 5 and 6 are deep. This makes it easy to find products that will go well together.

gimme brow

L to R: Goof Proof pencil (shade 2) one firm swatch, Goof Proof pencil applied like I would to my brows in light sweeping motions, and Gimme Brow (shade 1) brushed on.


Gimme Brow Gel lasts the whole day! Also, the Goof Proof pencil is creamy when applying, but not creamy enough that it comes off your brows. The two products together keep my brows looking really put together, natural, and never leave the brow area of my face!

benefit cosmetics


A big reason why I like these products so much are because their applicators make doing my brows easy breezy. The Gimme Brow has a itsy bitsy little wand that makes doing brows super quick and easy! This product also has fibers to give your brows a fuller look. Love it!

benefit gimme brow

The Goof Proof pencil has a thicker pencil than most traditional brow pencils and it has a diamond shape. I really like this for getting the product onto my brows. I feel like it makes the product go on more dispersed and not look like super precise lines. The spoolie on the other side of the pencil is really soft and works great!

benefit goof proof

benefit goof proof

I really do love these products. I know they have a permanent place in my collection because I use them everyday without even thinking of using something else. When I rebuy something, that speaks volumes to me about its quality. When there are so many new products to try, it is easy to always try what is trendy, but these guys will never be replaced! Forever in my heart, forever on my brows.

What are your opinions on these products? Have you tried any other products from Benefit’s Brow line? Let’s hear it!


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