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kylie cosmetics

Please guys. Already I can feel the judgement for giving my hard earned money to Kylie Jenner. Don’t worry, I felt very guilty doing this and that is something I need you to know. Yes, I will admit, I gave into the hype. But since I did, I might as well help you guys decide if you want to give in and purchase these products too.


Price:Lip Kit (Liquid Lipstick + Lip Liner)$29, Single Liquid Lipstick $17, Lip Gloss $15. This isn’t too bad, considering some drugstore lip products are selling for upwards of $10. While the prices are not horrible, actually trying to purchase them is another story. I bought mine when the hype was REAL and they were selling out in about 4 minutes. So to buy them felt like quite the success story.

Cruelty Free/Vegan: From her website, Kylie Cosmetics does not test on animals and the Kylie Lip Kits are vegan (not sure about the gloss or other products though).

“Good for you” ingredients: There doesn’t need to be a special ingredient for these products to sell. The young social media star builds up so much hype, that these products could be completely horrible and people would still buy them (side note- they aren’t horrible, read more below).

kylie cosmetics lip kits

Packaging: Super cute. The paint splattered lips is really eye-catching. I am not really the kind of person to buy something just for packaging, but I think that it does pull a lot of people in.

About the brand: Who doesn’t know Kylie Cosmetics at this point. Founded by the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, this brand skyrocketed overnight. While this is great for business, it also leads to a lot of bumps in the road. Love her or hate her, she has a great business team!


Colourpop offers many dupes for Kylie Cosmetics shades. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Kylie Cosmetics products being manufactured at the same lab as Colourpop, saying Kylie jacked up prices for her name, but having owned Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks, I can tell you they are different formulas. Colourpop is waaaay more during (I am talking Sahara Desert Lips here people) and they stain my lips. Once I realized they kinda make my lips tingle, I tossed them. I do, however, really like their lipliners and feel that they are the same quality as Kylie Cosmetic lip liners.


kylie cosmetics lip kit swatches

Top to Bottom: Maliboo Liquid Lipstick, Koko K Lip Pencil, Koko K Liquid Lipstick, So Cute Gloss.

When the brand first launched, they had 3 lip kit shades. Now, it is hard to keep track! There are a lot of limited edition collections that get released so it is hard to distinguish limited edition vs permanent products.

From the title of this review, you can tell that I only own lip products. I do not have any eyeshadow, blush, highlighter or eyeliners from this brand.

So Cute Lip Gloss:

kylie cosmetics so cute lip gloss

kylie jenner cosmetics

This is the only gloss and the lightest shade I own. I really love this gloss. It is pretty pigmented and can go on really opaque, but I prefer to wear it a little more sheered out. The wand is a little brush (again, major controversy over this issue can be found here) that I think works well for the application. This gloss has my vote!

Koko K Lip Kit:

kylie jenner kardashian koko k lip kit

koko k

I have Koko K as a lip kit (lip liner included) and I have to say, I really do think this is a great liquid lipstick. Once it dries down, it is really comfortable on the lips. This color is amazing on my skin. It is a perfect cute light pink that I feel confident wearing. Also, the applicator is fluffy and applies the product evenly to the lips.

Maliboo Liquid Lipstick:

kylie cosmetics maliboo

maliboo liquid lipstick kylie jenner

So this one isn’t my favorite. The formula is still really good, I just though the color would be more nude on me. Maliboo looks very nude on a lot of people but I’m so pale that (without flash), it ends up looking kind of purple/grey/brown on me. I don’t hate it and I still do wear it, I just prefer the color Koko K. The applicator on this seems to be a little thiner and less fluffy than Koko K’s applicator as well.


When I got these in the summer, I would wear them to my internship. That means they got put on at 6am and didn’t even get checked until 4pm. They lasted very well. Eating and drinking, they wore nicely (especially Koko K). I would be surprised when I looked in a mirror, thinking my face would look crazy, and they would still be there in place. Sometimes, Β I would freshen up Koko K by putting So Cute gloss over it.

koko k and so cute

While it makes it wear quicker, it can help fix the liquid lipstick from getting splotchy to looking more even. I think this looked really nice. Plus, you get the added comfort of the gloss!

While I wanted to never purchase and hate these with all my might, I gave in and was pleasantly surprised. The color selection (now) is pretty good, neutrals and trendy colors. The formula is comfortable and long-wearing, and they are very opaque. So when I pull out my gloss to touch up, I do feel silly having Kylie’s name on my products, but the product speaks for its self. Bravo Kylie. You win this round.

What are your thoughts on these products or this brand as a whole? Any other controversies? Have any crazy stories of trying to get your hands on these (like the time I was trying to purchase them on my cell phone on the subway)? I would love to hear it! Share down below! πŸ™‚


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