YSL Tint In Oil

ysl tint in oil

Now that its warming up outside and spring has sprung, I am loving pretty pink lips. This product is one of my favorites for spring/summer. Not only is it a beautiful pink, the formula (a lip oil) is so fresh and fun!


Price: $32. It is from a luxury brand. I think it is kind of overpriced, but it is a really great product!

Cruelty Free/Vegan: Another brand that gives a kind of confusing answer, but from what I found on their FAQ page, they are not cruelty free. As for vegan, it is a product by product basis so if that is a concern, check the ingredients.

“Good for you” ingredients: Lots and lots of oils. A blend of 4 essential oils ( apricot kernel oil, coriander fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, and possiflora edulis seed oil) ares supposed to keep the lips hydrated. All these oils give this product an AMAZING scent! Another reason why I love this for spring/summer.

Packaging: Gorgeous and classy! It is a silver tube, with a light pink part in the center. This color changes with each shade. More information about the innovative applicator is below in the application method section.

ysl tint in oil lip oil

About the brand: YSL is a luxury fashion house that also has a line of beauty products. They are very high-end and often very expensive. They have some cult favorite products like their Touche Eclat concealer and this product!


When this came out 2 summers ago, it was really new and innovative, so naturally, a lot of other brands tried to replicate it. From the drugstore, Milani came out with their Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatment. I haven’t tried these so not sure how they compare, just letting you know that there are similar products available in the drugstore. Lancôme also came out with Juicy Shakers. Nothing against Lancôme, but I HATED this product! The applicator was hard to use, the oil made my lips so dry and chapped, and it was very gimmicky because of the packaging.


There are 7 shades of the Tint-In-Oils. However, because they are a tint, the difference in color between the different shades is very slight. I have shade 4, I Rose You.

ysl tint in oil i rose you

Just so pretty! I haven’t reached for this product in a while, but now that I dug it out of my collection, I am defiantly going to be picking this up more frequently.

i rose you 4

When you apply these, the go on slightly clear and darken up a little after a few minutes.


These do not wear long at all. But hey, what do you expect? They are oil! I don’t mind having to reapply this due to the ease of the application. I typically reapply every 2-3 hours.


ysl tint in oil i rose you

yves saint laurent tint in oil

This product has a really cool applicator. There is a hole in the middle that holds product and the shape really hugs the lips while it applies. The applicator even comes to a tip so if you wanted to, you could “line” your lips with this (even though you don’t need to).

Like I said, these are really awesome lip products for spring and summer. They are carefree and look super cute!

Have you tried these or any of the other lip oils I mentioned? Share your thoughts below!


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