Flora by Gucci- Gorgeous Gardenia

flora by gucci gorgeous gardenia

Happy Monday! Since yesterday was Easter, I have a floral spring time perfume review for you! This scent is Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia. Everything about this scent screams “wear me in spring!” Onto the review!

Price: The price for the 1.7 oz bottle is $78. I got this perfume as a part of Sephora’s Fragrance Sampler kits one year during Christmas. This means that I got to test a variety of perfumes, select the one I liked best, and redeem the voucher for a free (to me) perfume! The exact kit I had is not available anymore, but you can find a bunch of similar ones available on Sephora’s website.

Packaging: I am not a pink girl, but for some reason I love this shade of pink! The pink, black and silver along with the font looks so chic! Makes me feel fancy and sophisticated. Also love the details of “Gucci” written on the cap and the little bow!

gucci perfume

Key Notes: According to Sephora, the notes are “Red Berries, Pear, White Gardenia, Frangipani Flower, Patchouli, Brown Sugar Accord.” I smell the gardenia the strongest. I would call this a flirty floral. It doesn’t smell like stale grandma perfume, and because of the other notes, it’s floral but not like you are in a flower shop.

Lasting power: This perfume has good lasting power. It doesn’t wear as long as YSL Black Opium but I never feel the need to reapply during the day so it’s good by me!

gucci flora gorgeous gardenia

Comparable scents: For reference, this scent is less spicy and less warm than Flowerbomb. It’s a lot more bright, which is why I highly recommend for springtime.

What I like about it: When the weather gets warmer and flowers bloom, I am in my glory. Of course I love fall (hello lattes and boots!) but I just feel so refreshed in spring. This scent is the essence of the weather warming up, the sun shining, flowers blooming, a light breeze and bunnies in our front yards. Also, when I was young I loved to garden. This perfume just reminds me of really great times and memories.

When I wear it: Spring and summer. I stay away from this scent in winter because it just doesn’t match and I prefer warmer and sexier scents in the winter.

While this is not my favorite perfume, every time I come back to it, I am reminded of how happy a scent it is! I feel youthful, fresh, flirty, and bright! (Quite the opposite from YSL Black Opium but fitting with the different seasons!)

Have you tried Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia? What is your favorite perfume? Do any scents bring back certain memories for you like they do for me? I would love to hear!


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