Beauty Tools

Some products are just gimmicky and are “paired” with a product in hopes you will buy it.  Others are amazing and super useful! Here is a quick guide on some beauty “accessories” that I use on the daily and my thoughts

Tweezerman Eyelash Curler:

I cannot NOT curl my eyelashes. They are so straight and sad before they are curled. This lash curler does a great job keeping my lashes curled and cute. Even if I am not wearing makeup, I like to curl my lashes. I feel like it makes such a difference in the appearance of the eyes and gives you a more awake look.


This is my lashes before I use the curler. So so sad. Kind of tragic.


And this is after. Nice and perky!

Price: $13.50

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer:

Same concept as paint. Apply before eyeshadow and it makes the colors richer and more saturated on the lids. It also prevents eyeshadow from creasing during the day. Since I started using eyeshadow primer, I haven’t looked back. It is for sure a game changer!

eyeshadow primer

The top row is without eyeshadow primer, and the bottom row is with eyeshadow primer. Makes such a difference! For reference, these are eyeshadows from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette– Cherry Cordial, Haute Chocolate, and Salted Caramel.

Price: $20

Cruelty Free/Vegan: Not all shades of this primer are vegan (some are!) but all Urban Decay products are Cruelty Free!

Dupes: Tons of other brands make eyeshadow primers, you just have to find the right formula for you! This formula is a little tacky which I like. It is also opaque so it conceals and discoloration. A close match to this would be MAC Paint Pot in the shade Painterly (but it’s more expensive than this).

Product Range: The shade I have was limited edition. They have expanded their range to include 7 colors!

Beauty Blender:

Oh, the Beauty Blender. What a precious, pink, egg-shaped miracle worker you are! They key here is to saturate the sponge, ring it dry, and then apply your foundation. I just love this thing! It gives foundation such a natural look and takes away all the cakeyness. I also works perfectly with concealer or cream products. Although there are dupes out there, I am loyal to you, oh Beauty Blender.

beauty blender

Foundation looks flawless when using a Beauty Blender!

Price: $20

Dupes: All brands have tried to dupe the Beauty Blender, but most just can’t get it right. They hold too much water, they aren’t bouncy enough, or they blend makeup horribly. The closest I have found is the Real Techniques Sponge. The main difference is the shape, and I find this ones holds a little too much water. It takes a bit more work than the Beauty Blender, but you end up with a pretty close end result.

Product Range: Beauty Blender started with just one sponge. Now, they have a variety of sponges, sponge cleansers, and accessories (I also LOVE their blendercleaser solid to clean my sponges and brushes!).

Tarte Foundation Brush:

Remember all my praise for the Beauty Blender and love how it applies foundation and how loyal I am to it? Well, from that, I hope you can tell this brush review is a bit biased. I typically do not enjoy applying foundation with brushes. I am iffy on this brush. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. I think I just need to use it more to get the hang of it.

Price: $34

Dupes: The ELF Ultimate Blending Brush ($6) is a pretty good foundation brush! While they are shaped a little differently, the both apply foundation really well! And you can buy almost 6 of these for the price of the Tarte brush…..

tarte brush and elf brush

The ELF brush was used on the left side and the Tarte brush was used on the right.

Urban Decay Setting Spray:

Nobody likes their makeup to look cakey and everyone wants their makeup to be long-wearing. This, my friends, is the purpose of setting spray.

setting spray

Before setting spray, makeup looks powdery and the face looks a little flat.

setting spray

After setting spray, the skin has a more luminous and life like appearance. Plus, it helps your makeup to stay flawless all day long!

Side note about setting spray: I like to do my face makeup first, use setting spray, and then do my eye makeup. I feel like if I spray when I have mascara and eyeliner on, they might get wet and run. But, just my point of view!

Price: $31

Dupes: Recently, some drugstore brands have been coming out with setting spray. NYX, L’Oreal, and Maybelline have been expanding and offering setting spray as a part of their line.

Product Range: Urban Decay just repackaged all of their setting sprays! They offer 3 different setting sprays, as well as 2 priming sprays (to be applied before makeup).

Choosing the right tools in makeup is important! What are some of your favorite beauty tools? I would love to know!



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