Too Faced Better Than Sex vs. L’Oreal Lash Paradise

too faced and loreal

Finally! I went to 5 different stores before I finally got my grubby little hands on L’Oreal’s new mascara, Voluminous Lash Paradise! It’s no secret that these products are very similar, from the packaging to the brush, but I put them to the test to see which is the victor of this mascara battle.

PACKAGING: If this isn’t millennial pink, I don’t know what is. Super trendy and eye catching. The main difference to me is the weight of the actual mascara tubes. The Too Faced mascara tube is VERY heavy (well, for a mascara anyway). However, the L’Oreal tube actually has more product (TF-8.0mL and L’Oreal-8.5mL).

too faced better than sex and loreal lash paradise

The outer packaging is also very similar. It is kind of laughable. Credit to Too Faced for doing it first (I sense there will be drama in the beauty community with how similar these are…….).

too faced better than sex

Image Source: Amazon

loreal lash paradise mascara

DEETS: Too Faced Better Than Sex- $23 and L’Oreal Lash Paradise $8-10 depending where you purchase it (I bought for $8.94 at Walmart). The Too Faced has two options- regular and waterproof, both black. L’Oreal has 5 options- regular in blackest black, black, and black brown, as well as waterproof in black and blackest black. I have mine in the regular formula in the color blackest black.

BRUSHES: Both are bristle brushes (as opposed to rubber brushes) which I really like. I feel like they are softer and don’t hurt as much as rubber bristle wands do. Both wands have hourglass shapes to them. The Too Faced is more of a true hourglass shape while the L’Oreal is less pronounced. It is easier to get the inner lashes with the L’Oreal wand because the part that would coat the inner lashes is a little smaller, making it easier to get those tiny lashes. I also felt that the L’Oreal wand’s bristles were a little bit more gripy (meaning they grab the lashes more instead of just coating).

mascara comparison too faced and loreal

Left- Too Faced, Right- L’Oreal

APPLICATION: Typically, I like my mascaras better after they have been opened for a while and have some time to dry a little. Right now, the Too Faced one is my perfect consistency, but the L’oreal one is literally just opened so it was a little more wet. Both of these mascaras are focusing on adding volume to the lashes. I think they also add a really good amount of length! For testing the products, I curled my eyelashes and had no other eye makeup on so you could truly see the lashes.

Left side- Too Faced/Right side-L’Oreal

1 Coat-

mascara test

2 Coats-

loreal lash paradise

2 Coats on top lashes and 1 Coat on bottom lashes-

too faced better than sex mascara

WEAR TEST: I am really impressed with the L’Oreal mascara! While these are both really great, I tend to get a lot of flaking under the eyes with the Too Faced mascara, especially at the end of a long day. My one gripe with both of them is that they don’t hold a curl that great in my opinion.

So, I approve the new L’Oreal Lash Paradise as a dupe for the iconic Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara! What are your thoughts on these products? Do you feel like they are dupes? Let’s hear it down below!


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